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2014 Visit customer Thales Communication

2014 Visit customer Thales Communication. Discuss thr 21.5" public information display project with TEXIM Europe BV!

About Thales Communication:

Thales Defense & Security, Inc., formerly Thales Communications, Inc., is a global company serving the defense, federal, and commercial markets with innovative solutions for the ground tactical, airborne and avionics, and  naval/maritime. In addition to mission-critical communication systems, the company provides helmet-mounted displays and motion tracking technologies; SATCOM terminals; advanced sonar systems; air traffic management navigation, and surveillance, and simulation.  Further, Thales Defense & Security, Inc. serves as a gateway for technology, leveraging Thales-wide solutions—such as combat management systems; naval, airborne, and ground ISR; and electronic warfare—to address U.S. requirements.

Thales Defense & Security, Inc. is part of Thales, a global technology leader in the Aerospace, Transportation, Defense, and Security markets with 65,000 employees in 56 countries. In 2013, Thales generated revenues of $19.2 billion.

Thales Defense & Security, Inc. is a U.S. proxy company (free of foreign ownership, control, and influence), approved to work on the full spectrum of U.S. Government projects, supporting strategic partnerships in the development of key technologies for the defense market.   The company is Headquartered in Clarksburg, Maryland, and has multiple locations across the U.

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