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2014 Visit customer Psi Control

2014 Visit customer Psi control. Discuss the business cooperation TEXIM Europe BV!

About Psi control:

The company was now growing at an impressive 50% per year. By early 2004, iTEC won the order for the entire secondary engineering of the prestigious Tanjung Bin IPP project's 500 kV/275 kV substations. The Engineering Schemes done for these projects, along, with TNB Engineering have now become the de-facto standard for other companies, including Global Multinationals, to follow. The Control and Relay Panel business grew with Kapar, the biggest substation ever engineered – Lenggeng and substations in Thailand and Vietnam.

Having successfully completed, and on time, the DMS Metro project, iTEC was successful in winning the tender to automate the entire Peninsular Malaysia with control centers in Penang (for Northern and Eastern Region) ,and Johor. The Engineering for the Penang Control centre was finished in record time and for the first time in Malaysia, the FAT for the complex system was held locally in iTEC’s factory. The system is now under installation and commissioning.

The experience gained in the Penchala Tunnel, enabled iTEC to win the Prestigious and Unique SMART Tunnel Automation project. This unique project which combines storm water dispersal as well as traffic had seventeen (17) different systems. iTEC proposed, for the first time in the world, a revolutionary combined SINGLE system for the entire Tunnel. This revolution was successfully commissioned in May 2007 and has been the single biggest automation project fully designed and engineered by iTEC Engineers.

iTEC has always been in the forefront of technology – proposing and designing solutions with the latest technologies in the world. The latest IEC 61850 Protocol concepts have been studied and iTEC set up Malaysia's first 61850 Test Lab at its office. Here a miniature substation has been built and interoperability has been tested with American, French, British, German, Austrian and Chinese make equipment. The experience gained was enormous and Malaysia's first 61850 substation order will be installed by iTEC.

In the power sector, iTEC currently a total control system refurbishment of the 1000MW hydro power plant in CIRATA in Indonesia. This is the biggest underground power station in the Region and iTEC's contribution to support renewable energy.

With business in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and over 80 staff, majority of whom are engineers, together with their exclusive partners NR (China); PSI (Germany) and Copadata (Austria); iTEC is poised to deliver unparalleled service to Malaysia, the region and the world.

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