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High end application: Optical Bonding

CHEFREE had offered optical bonding (here we use OB) service for display solution, targeting to meet customer’s demand. Generally, it is not wise to use optical bonding unless you are forced to take it, or you are aiming your products for high end market!

Below we shows how you benefit from CHEFREE optical bonding:

The contrast would be high with OB. The color would be more vivid and close to real color. (ex. Black would be deep black…)

Sunlight readable. As there is no air between display and front layer, there will be no light reflection to interfere the display backlight performance.

Safety from Shock/vibration. CHEFREE use optical glue for OB process, enabling the glue act as sponge to absorb any shock or vibration outside for the stability. Moreover, the optical glue will stick the front splashed glass from outer impact.

Water/dust proof. OB will protect the display at high humidity environment from moisture which blinds the display.


CHEFREE had developed our own PLC automation electronics control program for OB machine to better manage the process and precision. The optical glue we verify DuPont as well as Momentive brand, those suit industrial environment application.

Quality and yield rate is a challenge here CHEFREE faced years ago and continue to improve. Currently we have less than 1% return rate from OB delivery within one year warranty and reach over 92% yield rate from production batch!


CHEFREE also work on easy re-work process if your products damage. It is convenient to take apart front layer and display and bond again with new one. (ex. The front PCAP is broken, the rework is easy to replace for PCAP and keep the display value)

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